Watch out everyone it's first post by John;)

Meat is everything to me. Meat is the only food that I like. Anything else is a substitute. It's like eating a teaspoon of sugar and  box of chocolates, Swiss chocolates, of course.

You need to use the cheapest vodka, which smells like aviation fuel. Meat can be a little rotten, purchased from the local butcher without a hand.
Just meat, as long as there is loads of it.
I took inspiration from nowhere.
We used four bags of spices and poured over vodka, because we are not in the damn Sheraton, ffs. 
Meat prepared in a simple and crude way.
Stop reading, make it and eat with your hands!

  • 2 kg pork shoulder butt
  • 100 ml vodka
  • 4 bags (20g each) coarse blend grill seasoning (white mustard, marjoram, juniper, coriander, rosemary, chilli, turmeric, thyme, allspice)

Cut meat into smaller chunks. Rub meat with spices from all sides. Pour over vodka, cover and leave to marinade for several hours. Place on a grill racks, pour over remaining marinade and grill for about 1.5 hour in 200°C.