In some countries they are called white gold. In Poland, asparagus are planted in my region - Wielkopolska - the west of the country, close to Germany. More than 90 per cent of the Polish asparagus production focuses on white asparagus, it is just more popular in my country. Asparagus consists of 95% water and is very low in calorie, it is also rich in potassium, folic acid, and vitamins.

White asparagus is more mild in taste than the green. It is white because it hasn't been exposed to light. And which ones do you prefer green or white?

It is important to peel it and and after hand-blending, you have to sieve it to get an absolute creamy smooth soup. This cream soup has a delicate, dainty flavour and a wonderful aroma. Back in Poland it was always present on our family table during summer - creamy asparagus soup for a starter and strawberries for dessert, dream coming true! It is nearly end of the season so let's enjoy it as long as it lasts!

P.S Mam thanks again for another great recipe!

for 2-3 portions:

  • 2 bunches asparagus (about 16 pcs)
  • tsp butter
  • 500ml vegetable broth
  • 2 teaspoons potato starch
  • 1/4 cup cream (12%)
  • yolk
  • dill
  • croutons
  • pinch of sugar, salt, pepper

Peel Asparagus, starting from under the head. Cut to 2cm pieces, leave heads on the side. The rest throw in the pot and let cook for 15 minutes in the vegetable broth, with salt and sugar, before the end of cooking time add asparagus heads. Purée the soup with a hand-held blender until smooth, and after sieve, this way we will get to get an absolute creamy smoothness. Mix potato starch with some water, add to the soup and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Mix cream with egg yolk, add a few spoonfuls of soup, stir and then add to the rest of the soup. Pour into bowls, sprinkle with salt, pepper, dill, and I added some olive oil on top, serve with croutons.